Solving global healthcare problems

By revolutionizing the way we diagnose illness, we are transforming the way personal and community healthcare is delivered to consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide.

Our solution

Advanced molecular testing

Our molecular technology can detect virtually any illness that can be recognized through a genetic sequence. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly, at scale, solving one of the biggest global problems – Rapid Diagnosis.

  • Test results where and when the test happens
  • Requires no expertise to administer
  • Requires no infrastructure or additional machines
  • Inexpensive to produce and administer
  • Connects patients immediately to online services
  • Private and secure results


Transforming personal and community healthcare

Individuals and Families

Keep your family safe and check on each other in the privacy of your own home.

Retail & Corporate

Keep your businesses productive and customers safe.


Governments, conflict zones and refugees can now be serviced immediately.


Multidisciplinary team

We share a passion to improve personal wellness and global health worldwide.

Our team is composed of top experts in the fields of Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Technology, Product Design and masters in Service Design.

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